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Who is Who
Charles C. Urban
Founder - founded NEAT in 1991 and was its Chairman until 2005. Acting credits include numerous Shakespeare plays, Woody Allen one-acts, musicals and children theatre. He also has an extensive history of radio, TV and film projects. Translation work, Voice-Overs and the organization of the NEAT archive are his pet peeves. For NEAT he has directed, among many others, WAITING FOR GODOT by Samuel Beckett, THE GLASS MENAGERIE by Tennessee Williams, EDUCATING RITA by Willy Russell, MISERY by Stephen King, THE GOAT by Edward Albee, the original poetry productions BEASTS AND FLOWERS, LUNA ROSE and ELVIS MONOLOGUES, along with a staging of Elvis Costello’s JULIET LETTERS for baritone and string quartet. According to The Who is Who der Schwabenmetrople - Charles is synonymous with English language theatre in Stuttgart.
John Doyle
an Irish man of the Dublin strain. He has designed and built several sets for NEAT. He could be seen on the stage in NEAT’s productions of EDUCATING RITA by Willy Russell, I DO NOT LIKE THEE, DOCTOR FELL by Bernard Farrell, ON THE GROUND and original musical by Jay Khalifeh, KRAPP'S LAST TAPE and WAITING FOR GODOT by Samuel Beckett, THE ZOO STORY by Edward Albee, THE ELVIS MONOLOGUES by Lavonne Mueller, MISERY by Stephen King, THE ACTOR'S NIGHTMARE and SISTER MARY IGNATIUS EXPLAINS IT ALL FOR YOU by Christopher Durang. He also performed in Pinter’s OLD TIMES; McPherson’s DUBLIN CAROL and Craig Wright’s THE PAVILLION: He also co-wrote and directed DROWN THE SHAMROCK, a NEAT production to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and has since directed all of NEAT’s legendary CELTIC CULTURAL EVENINGs.
Heather Pache
Heather grew up in the Boston area, the youngest of 7 children. This means she's very resilient, very independent, and deals well with variety. These characteristics lend themselves perfectly to the lifestyle of a military spouse. She loves travelling (18 countries so far) and adventure and parenting her two fabulous teenagers. Since 2005, she' played such characters as a Mother Superior, an alien, an assassin-Sonny DeRee (She's never had a problem with any of her students since), an angel, a bartender, a psychologist, to name a few. She loves characters with accents such as Rosaleen-The Irish Fisherman's Wife, Cookie-Rumors and Van Helsing-Dracula. Professionally, she has done some character voices for video games and radio shows as well as some improvisational comedy. More recently she has begun to explore acting on film. Thankfully her family realizes that she's a lot saner at home if she gets to be somebody else at the theater. So if you ever need a saint, a transport, a drink, a shrink, a meal or just a good healthy giggle, look her up… she's probably in the theater.
Greta Redmond
was born in England but grew up in Ireland. A talented actress and singer, she has performed in several NEAT productions - BEASTS & FLOWERS, our Irish music and poetry project, I DO NOT LIKE THEE, DOCTOR FELL by Bernard Farrell, ON THE GROUND an original musical by Jay Khalifeh and the title role in SISTER MARY IGNATIUS EXPLAINS IT ALL FOR YOU and THE ACTOR'S NIGHTMARE by Christopher Durang. Other roles include ‘Anna’ in Pinter’s OLD TIMES and ‘Mary’ in Conor McPherson’s DUBLIN CAROL, for which she won the Blackie Award for Best Actress at the FEATS International Theatre Festival in Stockholm 2008. Since 2006, Greta has also played the part of ‘Polly Plum’ – delighting audiences young and old with her Storytelling Sessions in the winter months.
Susanna Thielecke
Secretary - was born in Germany, but raised bilingually by her English mother and German father. She got hooked on theatre during numerous family holidays in Stratford, took part in various school productions and then started working as a make-up artist for Regensburg University Players. Initially, this was also her role at Caution: Students at Play!, until she was lured into acting in Top Girls by Caryl Churchill and The Odd Couple by Neil Simon. She joined NEAT as director's assistant for THE GOAT by Edward Albee, and stage managed OLD TIMES by Harold Pinter. She directed O'FLAHERTY V.C. by Bernard Shaw, which was performed by itself at the FEATS festival in Luxemburg (2006) and as a double bill with A WORLD WAR I KALEIDOSCOPE, a staged presentation of WW1 poetry and letters conceived by her, at kkt. Most recently, she wrote and performed in the introduction to POSTCARDS.
Claire Deromelaere
Claire first graced the stage in high school productions of Cheaper by the Dozen and George Orwell's 1984. After resuming her interest in acting, she more recently played in Shakespeare in Paris and 12 Days in November. Since joining NEAT she has appeared in our 2012 American Days project; The Good, the Bad and the Downright Extraordinary and the English language German premiere of John Clancy's The Event. Claire made her musical debut in 2013 in The Fantasticks. Both her portrayals of Princess Pattycake in the NEAT Christmas Panto; Puss in Boots and the tap dancing Dragon in One Genie Too Many are unforgettable. This is Claire's second performance in the DARK MONDAY series.
Alina Derkach
(Musical Director) is an award-winning master concert pianist with many years of experience in the fields of chamber music, correpetition, song Interpretation, music instruction and concert performance. Alina has successfully participated in innumerable Solo Piano and Chamber Music Competitions, for example in Rumania, Ukraine and Belarus. She currently performs her wide-ranging repertoire (Barock to Contemporary) on various concert stages and may be heard performing solo pieces and cooperating with vocalists and instrumentalists.
Andrew Carey-Yard
Andrew Carey-Yard from Surrey, England has, since his stage début in 2004 as Ross, MACBETH performed in NEAT and ACTS productions including The Actor; in John Clancy's THE EVENT, Ross, in Edward Albee's THE GOAT; Captain AG, FALLUJAN WOMEN; Captain Manly, PHONEY GIRLS; George Orwell, AMERICAN CAFE PARIS. Andrew was nominated for BEST ACTOR at the European Theatre Festival FEATS in 2010 for his portrayal of Peter in the NEAT, German Premiere staging of Edward albee's AT HOME AT THE ZOO. Andrew has also enjoyed participating in and directing the NEAT Christmas Pantos, which have become a popular staple of the NEAT calendar. He also enjoys readings, video voice- overs and other recordings.
Annett Holzmeister
(Costumes & Set Design) Annett has been working on NEAT projects since 1994's original Music and Poetry project LUNA ROSE. With her distinct sense of color balancing and unforgiving eye for detail; she has designed every set and sewn or modified every costume seen in our productions of The Glass Menagerie, Waiting for Godot, Krapp's Last Tape, Misery, The Zoo Story, Elvis Monologues, The Goat, Educating Rita, The Actor's Nightmare, Sister Ignatius, and countless others.
Sarah Ziener
At the age of seven, Sarah started singing in a choir. Two years later she participated in a Music School musical production of HANSERL & GRETEL - that was when she realized how much she enjoys acting and was featured in several school productions. On her 16th birthday, her mother took her to London, to show her the Alan Rickman production of MY NAME IS RACHEL CORRIE and that was when she fell in love with the English Theatre. During her music & Sound Deishn training she had the joy of some small acting classes. She volunteered at a few student movie productions and played her first English role in the ACTS production of MURDER BEYOND THE SUNDIAL with whom she took part in FEATS 2011. "That was the most overwhelming experience so far". That same year, she also first joined NEAT for the Christmas pantomime JACK & THE BEANTIN and has since appeared as The Actor in the German, English language, premiere of John Clancy's THE EVENT and yet another Christmas panto, PUSS IN BOOTS.
Karin Heinrich
grew up nearby in Neuhausen auf den Fildern. Having studied English and Fine Arts, she has been paying NEAT occasional visits as actress/reader and this time designed and provided props for The Fantasticks. She was a long time member of the acting group of the VFVB Stuttgart and recently acted for the Esslinger Erlebnisführungen.
Hakan "Bedouin" Yildiz
born and raised in Ankara, Turkey, lives in Germany since 2004. Child at heart would probably the best description for his personality, always looking for something new, something exciting... With never-ending curiosity, craving to achieve and experience more in every aspects of life. Through the entirety of his existence, Hakan engaged himself in singing, playing guitar and saxophone as well as in writing. Although he still continues with these activities, he found his real passion, acting, in 2012. He is a new and proud member of NEAT. His influences include but not limited to Friedrich Nietzsche, Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson, Jim Morrison, Slash and Benicio del Toro. His motivation: "Life is like Rock'n Roll. The trick is to enjoy the entire experience with its ups and downs"
Michael Walsh
is a musician living in Stuttgart. He plays traditional Irish music regularly here and has contibuted on a number of occasions to the Kulturwerk's Evening of Celtic Culture. He has also performed around Ireland and at EXPO 2005 in Nagoya, Japan. Michael also performed in NEATS's production of The Pavilion by Craig Wright at Kulturwerk and the Kommunales Kontakt Theater and in Les Amants du Metro by Jean Tardieu which was staged at University College Dublin.
Uka Meissner
(Theater Photographer) Uka is a Master Photographer with many years of experience; who also teaches courses in art, as well as photography. She has been accompanying our productions (The Zoo Story, Misery, Waiting for Godot and many more) since 1999 and her photography is an essential factor in getting media coverage for our plays. She has had innumerable photos published in newspapers and magazines.
Dörte Jensen
(Fight Choreographer) Dörte originally hails from the very North of Germany. How she discovered stage combat while studying medicine in Freiburg? Long story. Suffice it to say it all started in the year 2000 and she was hooked the minute she first tried it. Pretend-fighting with swords, rapiers and fists, while looking good and not really hurting anyone, how cool is that? One thing leading to another Dörte now splits her time between working for a medical publishing company, teaching stage combat and directing fights. Recent fight choreographies for English language productions include COMPANY, TWELFTH NIGHT, WILL AND WHIMSY and THE WOMEN for Stuttgart's Kelley Theatre and ZASTROZZI for ManiACTs, Freiburg. In 2012 she received a Topper Award for Outstanding Fight Choreography at the US Army Europe Tournament of Plays. THE FANTASTICKS is Dörte's first work for N.E.A.T., it has been a blast - thanks all involved!

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Lisa Ritchie
(Bellomy) Lisa comes from Scotland, and has also lived, worked in studied in England, Germany, Spain, Poland and Switzerland. Stuttgart has been her home for the last 15 years, and she is currently working here as a technical and financial translator. She became involved in NEAT in 2012 and feels she has found her new tribe. She played Puss in the Christmas production of Puss in Boots and has had a lot of fun this year working with the cast and crew of The Fantasticks. Lisa was involved in many music and drama events at her school, which was also selected to be part of an Andrew Lloyd Weber production at the Edinburgh Playhouse. At high school, she learned to play classical guitar and while she was an exchange student in Valencia, Lisa taught herself to play flamenco. She is currently fulfilling a long-held dream of learning to play the piano and is also a member of a gospel choir. She regularly takes part in acting workshops, and especially enjoys improvisation and the Meisner technique. When she was 10, she started writing her own musical, "Mr Bojangles", using her teddy bears and dolls as the characters. Still a work in progress!
Anthony King
Anthony King is a native of Connecticut and has been a pseudo-Schwab since 1989. Anthony is no stranger to the stage having performed in numerous operas, musicals and dramas. He has played leading roles in the musicals Cabaret, The Will Rogers Follies, Urinetown, Sweet Charity, She Loves Me, The Secret Garden and Company to name a few. He has performed as a booth singer in the Stuttgart production of CATS and made his German television debut in "Das Perfekte Dinner" in 2007. Anthony is excited to be a part of NEAT and looks forward to performing more reader's theater in the future.
Bryan Groenjes
In search of the European adventure, after studying architecture in New Orleans at Tulane University, Bryan Groenjes came to Germany in 1993, almost twenty years ago to the date. He lives in S-West with his German wife, three kids, and a cat. He earned his first merit badge in the local expat community as publisher of accents magazine from 2004-07, and is now curious to see if a second on stage can follow. Bryan rides his bike more than some people drive their car; seldom turns down a good red wine, and grills a mean BBQ chicken. The last stage lights he saw were in 1987, in Omaha, Nebraska, at Northwest High School.
Lorcan Redmond
Lorcan comes from a musical family and is himself a talented singer and musician. He started his acting career at the age of six when he appeared in the NEAT production of MACBETH. Bitten by the acting bug, he was later involved in several school productions and shows at THEATER TREDESCHIN. As you can imagine, he loves acting
Michael Hecht
was born in the seaport city of Bremerhaven. He first picked up the guitar at the age of 11 and has not put it down since! In the course of over 25, Michael has played with innumerable bands and formations; in a wide variety of musical styles, ranging from Irish Folk to Country, Blues and Funk. Besides being a talented singer, he is also a gifted songwriter and composer of film scores. He also has a long history of arranging and composing music for the theatre and we are very pleased to have him as the Musical Director of the DARK MONDAY series.
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Sera Babakus
Sera is from Memphis, Tennessee and has been living in Stuttgart since 2012. She made her NEAT stage debut in the DARK MONDAY project Witches, Ghosts, Goblins & Ghouls. Sera was also featured in the November DARK MONDAY installment; RODEO CLOWNS by Michael Hilton. She currently gives tap dance instruction to the members of NEAT, in preparation for the 2014 Woody Allen project. In the USA Sera has appeared in musicals like Crazy for You, Showboat, and Seussical the Musical. She loves tap-dancing, Gene Kelly, and the movie White Christmas, and still has dreams of becoming a Radio City Rockette.
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Sharon Chang
(Stage Manager & Dance) Sharon worked in several theater productions in Taiwan. She directed and produced "Everyman", "Phantom of the opera", and "The Taming of the Shrewd" (also acting) in Chung Hsing University Theater. Sharon also choreographs and instructs Bachata and Salsa dance groups. (3rd place in Baden Wuenterberg, German Bachata Meisterschaft)
Lucia Cericola
(Harp) Lucia was born in Milan, Italy. She studied the harp under the auspices of Professors Gioiola Parenti and Giuliana Albisetti, at the "Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Verdi", where she received her diploma. She supplemented her musical education by studying composition and absolving Master Classes at, among other places, the "Conservatoire Superieur" in Geneva Switzerland. She also studied Literature at the "Università Statale di Milano" and taught at the Istituto Itlaiano di Cultura di Stoccarda" from 1985 unti 1990. Lucia has been residing in Stuttgart since 1985. Aside from her pedagogical activities at the Stuttgart Musik Academy, Lucia performs with the SWR Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra and the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra. Her particular focus is on the world premiere of contemporary works.

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Here are just a few of the talented actors, directors and writers who have been involved in past NEAT productions:
Ria Petrocca, Philomena Beital, Martina Bohnet, Andrew Carey-Yard, Kathleen and Michael Clancy, David Cregan, Jonathan Doyle, Andrew Golledge, Sophie Marie Chaumette Kränzle, Ulrike Jürgens, Liam Garvey, Jay Khalifah, Jonathan McCarthy, James Merkle, Katy Moser, Cathie Mullen, Michael Peart, Isabella Olsen-Clancy, Jochen Stöckle, Cate Swift, Giselle and Werner Schick, Michael Walsh
Zhenfang Zhang

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Alina Derkach

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