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Past Projects

by Yasmina Reza

God of Carnage by Yasmina Reza is a about two sets of parents, one of whose child has hurt the other at a public park, who meet to discuss the matter in a civilized manner. However, as the evening goes on, the parents become increasingly childish, resultingin the evening devolving into chaos. Before the play begins, two 11-year old children, Ferdinand and Bruno, are involved in an argument and Ferdinand knocks out two of Bruno's teeth with a stick. The parents of both children meet to discuss the matter. As the evening goes on, it degenerates into the four getting into irrational arguments, and their discusion falls into the loaded topics of misogymy, racial prejudice and homophobia.


by Mark Twain

“I can understand German as well as the maniac that invented it, but I talk it best through an interpreter.“

This is one of Mark Twain’s best known and funniest essays. In it, Twain explains, complains about, and shows how one might improve upon various aspects of the (awful) German language. He gripes about the infamous “sepa¬rable verb”, as well as the many noun and verb forms one must master in order to use German cases properly and makes fun of the extreme length compound nouns.


by T.S. Eliot

T.S. Eliot originally composed this engaging collection of humourous poems to amuse his intimate friends and godchildren. They have proven irresistible to cat lovers, lovers of nonsense, adn admirers of Eliot throughout the English-speaking world. The musical CATS is based on this collection of poems.


by Woody Allen

Eines Nachts holen wildfremde Leute Kleinman aus dem Schlaf. Sie fordern ihn auf, sich der Bürgerwehr anzuschließen, um endlich den unheimlichen Mörder zu stellen, der seit einiger Zeit sein Unwesen in der Stadt treibt. Kleinman entschließt sich, Wohl oder Übel, mitzugehen. Keiner kann Kleinman genau sagen, was er zu tun hat. Er weiß lediglich, dass er für die Ausführung des Großen Plans, eine unentbehrliche Rolle spielt! Man weist ihm eine Straßenecke zu, wo er sich aufhalten soll. Hier begegnet er seltsamen Gestalten.


Texte, Gedichte, Theater, Lieder und Musik zum Thema Liebe

Februar ist ein Monat der Liebe & Leidenschaft; dazu hat NEAT eine vielfältige Sammlung von Prosa, Poesie, Theater, Lieder & Musik zusammengestellt, um die unterschiedlichste Aspekte und Variationen der Liebe zu beleuchten.

Erleben sie einen romantischen, komischen, anregenden Abend mit den Schauspielern von NEAT und DARK MONDAY ORCHESTRA Solisten.

Freitag, 14. Februar um 20:00 Uhr Valentinstag

im WEST QUARTIER WEST QUARTIER - Elizabethenstrasse 26 (Am Bismarckplatz) 70176 Stuttgart (West)
kontakt(at) or
Facebook Different Shades of Love (at WEST QUARTIER)

Graceland Graceland

GRACELAND von Ellen Byron
eine szenische Lesung mit Live Musik

Im Theaterstück von Ellen Byron geht es darum dass die Elvis Villa GRACELAND, in Memphis, Tennessee nach dessen Tod, dem Publikum zugänglich gemacht wird. Vor dem großen Gartentor kampieren zwei sehr unterschiedliche Frauen, die beide unbedingt als erste über die Schwelle des Wallfahrtorts schreiten möchte. Es entsteht eine heftige Auseinandersetzung die, jedoch, in eine respektvolle Freundschaft endet. Ganz im Sinne von Elvis.

Freitag, 28. Februar um 20:00 Uhr

im DREI GROSCHENTHEATER Kolbstraße 4c, 70178 Stuttgart, Süd

Karten: 0711 65 09 35
Facebook Graceland (at DREI GROSCHENTHEATER)

The Fantastics! The Fantastics!

The Event! The Event!

The Pavilion The Pavilion (2008)

by Craig Wright

Hailed by critics as an "an Our Town for our time," this play is by turns poetic and comic, romantic and philosophical. Peter returns to his twenty-year high-school reunion with dreams of winning back Kari, the girl he left behind after an unexpected pregnancy ended their relationship. Standing in Peter's way is Kari's bitter-as-ever resentment, her husband and the fact that Peter still hasn't grown up. As the night progresses, both Peter and Kari are led, through their interactions with a host of characters all played by a virtuosic Narrator, to face the consequences of choices made long ago and start back into life with newfound strength and bittersweet resolve.

Postcards Postcards

1 Act Comedy by James Prideaux

For thirty years Margaret and Leonardo have sat each day at adjoining desks, writing postcards to famous people, without ever getting any answers. Having run out of live personages to write to they decide to address their cards to the famous dead but, suddenly, much to their consternation, a reply does arrive. Its effect is shattering, and brings on a poignant revelation of the unspoken feelings which have, through all the years, lay dormant beneath the calm surface of their very correct relationship.

Dublin Carol Dublin Carol

by Conor McPherson

A modern version of Charles Dickens’ „A Christmas Carol“ – the hope that everyone gets one last chance. Dublin, Christmas Eve. John Plunkett is an undertaker full of drink and regrets about lost opportunities and a misused past. He shares his memories with his young assistant, Mark. Later, John‘s estranged grown-up daughter Mary makes a surprise visit and offers him the chance to try to re-establish relationships with his family but he’s not sure if he is able or indeed willing to do so. DUBLIN CAROL is an inspirational story, sometimes sad, sometimes funny but always sincere, about the frailty of the human spirit and about the effect we have on each other's lives, including the damage done, sometimes irreparably. It is also about confronting the past in order to move on in the present and about John Plunkett’s one last chance, to get it right.

O'Flaherty V.C O'Flaherty V.C (2006)

by George Bernard Shaw

Bernard Shaw, probably one of the most famous English-language playwrights of all times, is best known for clothing provocative political and social messages in concise, witty dialogue. "O'Flaherty V.C.", a one-act play first performed by an amateur group on the Western Front in 1916, introduces us to Dennis O'Flaherty, a young Irish soldier from a peasant family who has just been awarded the prestigious Victoria Cross for his outstanding service in the British army. General Sir Pearce Madigan, the English owner of the Irish estate on which O'Flaherty was raised, brings him home for a recruiting drive, then reunites him with his mother and fiancée over tea. The ensuing conversation is a humorous, at times farcical tour-de-force of British patriotism, the Irish struggle for independence, the war on the Western Front and the merits of family life.

Old Times Old Times (2004)

by Harold Pinter

Harold Pinter is one of the most prominent modern British playwrights. In "Old Times", he explores the role that memories true and false play in shaping our relationships. Kate and Deeley, a married couple, receive a visit from Anna, who was once Kate's room-mate in London, but has been out of touch for twenty years. In the course of an evening of conversation, Anna, Deeley and Kate each present subtly varied versions of the past, in an attempt to re-establish their relationships, forming a darkly erotic triangle.

Winner of the 'Mervyn Briscoe' Award
(2nd Place 'Best Production')
at the FEATS Festival in Hamburg, May 2004
('Festival of European Anglophone Theatre Societies')
Krapp's Last Tape Krapp's Last Tape (2003)

by Samuel Beckett


by Christopher Durang

The Actor's Nightmare The Actor's Nightmare

by Christopher Durang

The Elvis Monologues The Elvis Monologues

by Lavonne Mueller

Misery Misery

by Steven King

The Zoo Story The Zoo Story

by Edward Albee